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Easiest Genre To Publish

The advice I would give. Writing what we’re good at is the best option, because genuine writing always wins in the end. Useful and practical answer for every writer.

Publication Advisors

Dear Publishing Advisors,

What genre of writing is the easiest to get published? I want to get published soon, but do not have a ton of time to write/revise.  Rather than spending my time on a genre that is more cut-throat, I’d rather invest my time more wisely.  Recommendations?


Short on Time

Dear Short on Time,

There is no genre that is ‘easier’ than another.  Niche genres, such as romance or horror, may publish at a quicker rate than others because the volume of submitters may be less. However, just because a publication is known for a fast response time, does not mean they are easier.  They may be just as selective as a publication that has hundreds of submissions a week.

There are a number of factors when determining speed and likelihood of acceptance.  How often does a publication publish? Are they on…

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Who Falls In Love Faster? Men or Women?

I feel compelled to share one more blog post I find of great benefit from the eye-opening Broadblogs.
Of great benefit for both women and men.

The concept of falling in love-as well as the concept of love itself-may seem to get influenced by the current life-standards. But this is largely appearance.
In the end, love is a composite concept and we do not fully grasp the whole essence of it.

But at the question: Who falls in love faster, men or women, what would you answer?

I’ll leave this to the main article.

Please join the conversation:


When I ask my students these questions, most guess that women are more likely to do all of the above. Yet it turns out that the right answer is “men.”

I should note that the gap has been closing over time. And these days, the gap is quite small.

But everyone’s surprised, probably because women have grown up on Disney princesses and are stereotyped to want romance and relationship while men supposedly just want sex.

So why doesn’t reality match expectation?

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