Mind of a Rapist: Trying to Bridge a Gap between a Small Self and a Big Man

I seldom reblog articles. In fact, this is the second time I do this, but the first time I do it quite intentionally. I’m reblogging this, because urgency demands me to do it. I have recently posted an article on my “Closer to a Higher Self” category, titled “We cannot avoid being men, but we can avoid being rapists”, where I talk about an episode I read in the news some three weeks ago, regarding a couple of young tourists from Northern Italy being abused by a group of immigrants. The article on the newspaper spawned, apart from my blog post, also a lot of chain reactions in the women of the Left Wing Party, the Northern League representatives and a cultural mediator (also an immigrant) who exposed himself by saying that “women love to be raped”.
Given my explicit hate towards men who rape women, I couldn’t hold back and I gave my version on the topic. I know it is not good to write the word “hate” on a blog post, since I don’t want to promote any kind of negativity or bad publicity and I am basically a very good and kind person. I am just sick of seeing people being hurt and abused.

I want to thank all who responded to this article via comments on WordPress and Twitter. Keep those coming!

And a special thanks to Aquileana who highlighted this post by Georgia Platts about the psychology of a rapist.

We should all talk about this topic more than we already do.

Please enjoy the post:


“I was in control for the first time of my life. I just felt like I had a little more power for once.”

“It could have been anyone. It could have been a guy. I was just mad.”

The first quote comes from Cary Stayner, who raped and murdered three young women in Yosemite. The second is from David Burpee, who raped a 17-year-old after having a fight with his girlfriend over getting fired.

Different rapists have different motives. These two are characteristic of the “Walter Mitty” type.

Walter Mitty is a fictional character. He’s an ordinary, ineffectual man who tries to bridge the gap between who he is and who he wants to be by imagining himself in situations of grandeur: a wartime pilot, an ER surgeon, a killer.

Walter Mitty rapists do something similar. They see themselves as less than the “big man” they yearn to be. And…

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