The difference between pessimistic and subjective

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I was almost having second thoughts about publishing my latest entry in the Rainbow series, that’s because it has a quite dark and sad mood due to the subject matter. I was also worried about it being too vague, in fact the text seemed to be made up by scattered thoughts skipping from the past to the present and back again. But in the end, I resolved publishing it. You want to know why?

Because I saw beauty in it.

Pessimistic views are perilous to the world, especially when they are widely shared and sharing is our favorite pastime nowadays; we share more than we share wisely. I never meant to fuel the dark side of anyone by publishing Beam Six, which contains pieces of painful memories to me, but since I am blogging about my personal experience in a foreign, and strange, new land, it looks quite appropriate to be honest in all ways. Thus I am talking about the good vibes I received in some situations, but also the bad ones, because that’s what happened.

I am not having a pessimistic view of life in Beam Six, but a subjective one. And that subjective view is influenced by my own experience.

Looking back, those quiet and careless days now spawn feelings of regret for what I could have done to prevent the troubles yet to come. It is true we cannot forsee events in our life, but we must take a stand and assume responsability.

I beg your pardon, my reader, for having more rambled than chronicled, but sometimes we have to let emotions just flow and they have their peculiar way to lead our hand. And most of all, they always have purpose. It is up to us seeing and grasping it.

Keep enjoying the Rainbow.


2 thoughts on “The difference between pessimistic and subjective

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    1. Thank you, Anne! I’m happy you enjoyed your reading. I felt it was necessary to clarify the meaning of that post, because I am a bright-hearted person, I didn’t mean to pass on negative feelings.
      Thanks for commenting.


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