Staying Healthy Throughout the Average Day

This is seldom put into practice but frequently thought of. Being healthy. Staying fine. I said “staying”, because being fine we can, for a relatively short period of time. When you say “I’m fine”, you are talking about that moment in your life, that instant you are saying it. And probably you really are fine, but what about “staying” that way? Are you able to keep yourself in good shape forever? It’s hard to know, isn’t it? It sounds like a miracle. But that’s the way it should be. Christy Birmingham explains it good, but the fact is, we really can make it happen. We can do the miracle. It may take a long time and lots of effort to get there, but if we want, we shall make it. No doubt about it.
Thank you, Christy Birmingham for sharing this! Lots of gratitude.

When Women Inspire

The fact that we need to stay healthy as much as possible is no surprise to anyone. But it is often surprisingly difficult to actually make sure that it happens, that we take all the necessary steps needed to stay as healthy as possible. Part of the problem is our modern culture. In many ways, our daily lives are set up in such a way that it can feel like a revolutionary act just to stay basically healthy. It can be a monstrous effort for many people to actively take the right steps towards a better, healthier life. As this article shows, though, it can be done. We will look together at an average day step by step, and see what you can do to ensure that you look after yourself as well as possible.

Sleep is an important factory in good health. Try to improve the amount and quality of your sleep. Photo via Pexels, CC0 License.


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