Forever friends


Come to my house.

I moved. Yes, I did. And it is just me, like in the old days. The family strife I generated with my escape to Brazil spawned its consequences and for the sake of everyone, Perse and I decided to give the actual meaning to our split-up. We could call it phase two of our “parting ways” chapter, the physical separation, phase one being sentimental separation, that is when we sat and talked it all out to each other. This is our long epilogue, the series of moments in our two lives that will define our future. This topic is no news for us; we have talked a lot about it, considered it many times and thought over together and each one on her and his own. Still, it is so strange the silence in my house.

“You split up? Serious?” said Rildo, our Brother in Heart, when I met him in Brazil. “I can’t believe this. You were so tight, designed one for the other; it looked like it would be forever.”

“But we are forever.” I said. “Forever friends.”

“We’ll always be friends.” Perse said when I met her after my return. “This will not change. We’ll be there for one another.”

“Yes, we will.” I said.

There had been almost seven years together. We had loved a lot and fought a lot too. We had smiled, laughed, cried and held fast on to each other while our world was crumbling down all around us. We had walked side by side through the Rainbow, we had lived for our kids and tried to make our living. We had failed. All we conquered, we lost, piece by piece and every problem drew another until we were left alone facing all of them. The biggest one being prejudice.

Our bond was doomed since day one, but we never gave up.

It is sad to remember the past, because it is always there, with its tears and the words and the “might have been’s”, the latter being the most dangerous foes to the human soul. But we have one chance; we can learn. Maybe we won’t forget the tears, but we can forgive ourselves for the mistakes. In the end, we did what we were capable of that very moment.

So here I am, by myself again. But not alone.

“What you learned in Brazil has made you a better man.” she said. “You walked a long way since then, look at you. You grew up. And you know you will never walk alone.”

That very instant, a whiffle passed along my right arm and it gave me goose bumps. My hand rattled for a couple of seconds. I heard a low and short laugh, more sensing it then hearing it.

No, I would never walk alone.

Perse and I hugged for a long moment and then I let her go back to the restaurant’s kitchen where she was working. I watched her disappear behind the door and I headed for my bike.

At the end of the Rainbow, we still had each other.




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