“I will vibrate for you.”

I’m back.

After a day-long flight, here I am in my homeland again. Strengthened and self-conscious and with a mission. People with missions are uneasy people, but they are provided the means to manage that. The hard part is to learn how to use them.

I’ve had plenty of suggestions, advice and right words in these forty days of catharsis and now it’s up to me.

“Don’t demand too much from yourself.” said Iris, my dearest Sister in heart.

“You want to settle things up with your family and you’re going to do it. But don’t blame it on yourself if it doesn’t turn out the way you pictured it.”

She was so right.

“You might as well be disappointed afterwards.”

I had escaped and ended up in Brazil just to hear those and many other words. After having betrayed the confidence of my father and been deceived by Lucy, all I had to do was to put the wrong things right.

“Do it primarily for yourself.” said Sister Iris. “I got through family issues too, the hard ones, so I know how you’re feeling right now.”

She lived with her husband ans two daughters in the place that was once the “Temporary House”, the spiritual temple she had so long worked in with unwavering faith. The temple I grew up a new man, where I found my meaning. Sister Iris had always inspired me with her strength, peace, friendship and unconditional love. And her sparkling joy and positivity. She was almost an actual sister to me, as she was to Perse.

Yeah, Perse. I’d have to face her too.

“Be peaceful. And have faith. I will be there with you, even from this side of the ocean.” Sister Iris said. Then she smiled her gentle smile. “You know I will.”

“Yes, I know.”

She had gone through a lot and she was still going. One more reference for me to look straight ahead and go.

We hugged, hard and long, my thin body wrapped by her taller and stronger figure.

“I will vibrate for you.” she said.

I joined the palms of my hands.

“Thank you.”

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4 thoughts on ““I will vibrate for you.”

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  1. The mention of vibration has me thinking of all the possibilities for the next part of this story.. The energy abounds.. It’s statements like this one, Alessandro, that keep me wanting more: “She had gone through a lot and she was still going.” ~ And don’t get me wrong, I want to read more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, Christy, you’ll have more. My chronicle will start this month, this I promise. It is the beginning of a long journey I hope you will enjoy, as close as possible the way I enjoyed it when it started.
      Thank you infinitely for reading and commenting.
      Stay fine.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m happy you’re enjoying the twitter novel too. It’s not a new format, as you may well know, Nick Belardes is the pioneer, but I’m trying to do my best, I want to explore the possibilities of this technique of storytelling.


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