The romantweet story of Lucy and I

I’d like to open this new post with a special thanks to my followers. You  are a handful but a very special one, so it is with joy that I start writing today. This time, the pages here are dedicated to my current literary work, which is the twitter novel “Lucy and I”, that is being serialized on the twitter account since February 20. The idea spawned from the work of revolutionary writers we have the chance to talk to, because they are contemporaries. What a lucky thing! Having our masters and inspiration at hand; it’s a great privilege. I am talking about writers such as Robert K. Blechman with his Twitstery Twilogy but mostly about Nick Belardes, the pioneer of the twitter novel. His story, “Small Places”, is a literary jewel and very much fundamental not only for those who want to take the challenge on a twitter novel, but for every writer, young and old, who wishes to explore new ways of literary expression. If you are familiar with twitter novels, you know the importance of this subject. If you are not, then this is a good chance to discover a new creative process and a list of narrative possibilities.

The work of Nick Belardes is very inspiring and I met it at the right time, that is, when I needed new motivation. Belardes was in turn inspired by Japanese cell phone novels, which consisted in bits of text sent by the authors to the readers via sms. It sounds outdated, now, doesn’t it?

So when I decided I would write and publish my first twitter novel, I had a very loose outline in my head, a love story in the process, something about an almost unearthly female being who the main character befriends. I had rough episodes in my mind and I chose to publish the tweets right after I had composed them. So it is more a pantser than a planner twitter novel; the tweets being shaped by memories and episodes. The story builds itself upon scattered images, bits of dialogues and inner monologues; when reading, the effect is the same as if you stared a canvas only a few inches from the surface and you only see details. Then at each tweet, you take a step back until you see the big picture.

Some 100 tweets in the story, “Lucy and I” is very easy to catch up; here, at the bottom of the main page of this blog, you can taste the last three tweets I posted.

The relationship between the two is peculiar. He is a grown man facing a divorce, with heavy financial problems and the scarce will to save his marriage one last time. Lucy is a young woman about to graduate at the University of Arts and is looking forward a brilliant career. He feels deeply attracted to her, but that goes beyond the sensual level. And the way she looks at him, the way she talks, the vocal messages she sends… Temptation, doubts and desire are intertwined in the daily hope for him to feel alive once again.

Follow “Lucy and I” on twitter, give it a try and read in the order you prefer, if you want. Then let me know what you all think of this little, deep story that keeps my heart beating faster….. and faster.

Have a great week and a wonderful springtime.


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