Favela Mon Amour.

However you put it, home is always home. Even if sometimes it looks like hell.


The Bringers of Good Luck.

The best time of one’s life is with family. Whatever family.

Easiest Genre To Publish

The advice I would give. Writing what we’re good at is the best option, because genuine writing always wins in the end. Useful and practical answer for every writer.

Publication Advisors

Dear Publishing Advisors,

What genre of writing is the easiest to get published? I want to get published soon, but do not have a ton of time to write/revise.  Rather than spending my time on a genre that is more cut-throat, I’d rather invest my time more wisely.  Recommendations?


Short on Time

Dear Short on Time,

There is no genre that is ‘easier’ than another.  Niche genres, such as romance or horror, may publish at a quicker rate than others because the volume of submitters may be less. However, just because a publication is known for a fast response time, does not mean they are easier.  They may be just as selective as a publication that has hundreds of submissions a week.

There are a number of factors when determining speed and likelihood of acceptance.  How often does a publication publish? Are they on…

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